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well i have been driving for 7 yrs now an i love to drive,been single most of that time until jan 08 an i met the woman of my dreams atleast i thought so an we were married in july 08 an things were great till jan 09 an then she seemed to get unhappy about me being gone so she says an didnt even want to try to salvage our marrige so i gave up an filed for divorce on feb 09 an its final now an she is with the guy that she was messing around with while we were married an i dont think she is really happy cause she calls me every week or two without letting him know she is calling,i'm trying to get on with life but really having a hard time letting go of her,i'm with an girlfriend i had before i met her an we are doing good,i have prayed to god to help me or give me a sign if i'm suposed to give up on her an move on or what,sometime i feel like her still callin me is a sign to not give up,i do still love her an may always love her i guess,,,talk again later

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